Jennifer McMillan is an English-born artist interested in the relationships between the body and environments to explore our place in society. Such environments vary from man-made to natural conditions. Using a hybrid of performance, sculpture and interaction, her practice examines the perception and expectation forced upon gender; specifically how such expectations can create social-constructions and barriers in both culture and art.


McMillan aims to keep her audience in a juxtaposed state of discomfort and ease, balancing intimidation and endearment as a tactic of control. Her work is experimental, interested in femininity, gender perceptions, emotional manipulation and the ephemeral effects of chance within performance.

She is currently living and working in Perth, WA.


2013 - 2016 Fine Art BA Hons, Lancaster University, UK.



2019 Under my Skirt, Fringe World Perth Festival/PEAKS Festival with Paper Mountain at City Arts Space, Perth, WA.

2018 Associate Artist with Foot In The Door Residency, Lancaster, UK.


2017 Under my Skirt, On the Verge Festival, Hope Street Limited, Liverpool, UK.


2017 Emerging Artist Programme, Hope Street Limited, Liverpool, UK.


2017 Artist in Residence, Culture Vultures, Sefrou, Morocco.


2017 Visiting Artist at Morecombe Road School, Morecombe, UK.


2017 Visiting Artist at Central Lancaster High School, Lancaster, UK.


2017 Head in the Clouds, A Room with a View, Up North Arts, The Storey, Lancaster, UK.


2017 Contemporary Performance Almanac, Publication.


2016 The Red Skirt, 12/12. Pop up exhibition in partnership with artist/curator Dannielle Ash. Rented Property, Lancaster, UK.


2016 OMNIA XLIV, Lancaster University, UK.


2016 RITE Festival, Islington Mill, Manchester, UK.



2018 Exhibition Host for The Yellowing, Part 1, Rebecca Birch. The Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, UK.


2017 Gallery Assistant, Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape, Andy Holden.  Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster, UK.


2016 Curator, BYOM: [Bring your own mug], Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster, UK.


2015 Curator, The Females of the Factory, (Exhibition in partnership with the LOOK/15 Photography Festival), Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster, UK.