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Three Children Performing, 2017


Forgotten Sheet, 2017


Watch This, 2017

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Group Show , 2017

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Solo Show, 2017


Desert Wind and Dance, 2017

Moroccan Child.jpg

Take Five, 2017

This series of photographs was created during an art residency with Culture Vulture, in Morocco, as an attempt to simplify an approach to performance. An interactive approach was important because making art that relies on the attitude and interaction of its audience constantly reveals human behaviour; awkwardness, willingness and experience. It is exposed physically in this series of photographs taken of different groups interacting with fabrics and costumes in different environments.

Participants were given total freedom to perform for her camera. The sheets hide bodies and environments while revealing new ideas each time an experiment is completed. For example, the way the body responds when handling the fabric ibecomes dependent on  the addition of water or wind, heat or cold, silence or  sound.

This response is the art. This response is what gives her photographs significance.

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