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The Zoom Interview

Our Merry go Round can feel like a monotonous and over structured prison. Some look for escape, but in a world that never stops spinning our escape routes turn into a labyrinth of circle after circle after circle… For others, the circle is their comfort blanket, their identity relies on their relation to the circle. Who is to say what is worse? Do we all fit within the circle? Does momentum come from everyone or just a select few? Where do I belong, where do you belong, where do we belong in the circle? Is it a push or pull world? Or is it a predetermined race? What choice do we have about the burdens we carry, the obligations that ride us? Who is leading and who is following? Can we afford to tear away any horse from our stage, transform them into artificial waste and dig them a grave under the base of our world with its manufacturers replacing and upgrading figures with ease. Blinded by blinkers we dance to the rhythm of the status quo and flow around and around and around hoping that our ride never ends…

I will make the merry go round merry again_edited.jpg
I am a real Horse
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