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Video by Pia Fruin, Fringe World Perth, 2019

Snapshot Under my Skirt 10.png

Under my Skirt, 2017-2019, is a live performance that occurs underneath a huge skirt. The audience is invited to this intimate environment and served afternoon-tea with a humorous, flirtatious performance, encouraging participation and reflection on social expectation. The piece is highly confrontational.

The performance faces the audience with a social situation in which they are familiar; afternoon tea. However, the show occurs underneath a huge skirt and on top of a table. The piece encourages exciting participation, playing with levels of discomfort, personal space and humour. The contradiction of familiar tea with an unusual physical closeness allows the audience to question their own relationships with themes of fear, sex and body image whilst exploring the limits of their participation and awkwardness. The rules of afternoon tea work as a metaphor for the rules of femininity.


The performance is currently an intimate show for an audience of 6-8 people. The piece responds to social rules, choice and what exactly is absurd about modern society.

Under my Skirt has been performed at:

Fringe World Festival, Perth, Australia, 2019

Fringe Preview Night at The Storey Building Lancaster, 2018

On the Verge Festival, Liverpool Hope Street, Liverpool UK, 2017

OMNIA, Lancaster University, UK, 2016

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