UNDER MY SKIRT, 2017-2019

Under my Skirt invites McMillan's audience to an intimate environment where they are served afternoon tea with a humorous and flirtatious performance that encourages participation and reflection on social expectation.

The performance faces the audience with a social situation in which they are familiar; afternoon tea served with scones and jam. However, the show occurs underneath McMillan's huge skirt as she wears it while standing on top of a table. During the performance her body is portrayed in two very different ways; from the outside a very elegant and traditional figure, from the inside an unexpected, adventurous and messy figure serving jam on her legs.


The performance is currently an intimate show for an audience of 8 people, however McMillan is working to incorporate the use of mobile phones and apps such as WhatsApp and FaceTime as a way to increase her audience, while simultaneously commenting on the current issue of Upskirting.

The piece encourages exciting participation, with a script that will draw from feminist theories, discomfort, personal space and humour. The contradiction of familiar tea with an unusual physical closeness allows the audience to question their own relationships with themes of fear, sex and body image whilst exploring the limits of their participation and awkwardness. The piece explores the irony of McMillan servicing the people who come to explore under her skirt. McMillan is continuously editing, addressing social rules and the fear that results from such rules, while simultaneously reclaiming sexuality, choice and examining what exactly is absurd about modern society.

Video by Pia Fruin, Fringe World Perth, 2019